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With APL, MACIF is reducing its overall power consumption by 30% over one year

Customer name :Macif
Area of business :Insurance
Accompanying mode :Consulting - Project management assistance
Type of service :Energy optimization - Increasing service continuity levels to Tier 3+

MACIF has a data center with 470 m² in usable area, built in late 2010 and activated in mid-2011. As part of APL's contracting authority support during the site's design, the target PUE needed to be 1.7 at 45% load. Once operational, the site reached 30% load rather than 45%, which raised the PUE to 2.3. Concerned with improving the energy efficiency of its data centers, MACIF solicited APL to minimize the site's energy consumption while also increasing its level of service continuity.

Project objective

  • Reduce energy consumption in order to achieve a target PUE of 1.7
  • Improve service continuity: upgrade from Tier II to Tier III+

Services provided

  • Organization of the computer room: aligned cooling systems with IT demands, created air containment systems, redirected airflows, modified intake and exhaust areas in the room, and repositioned racks
  • Optimization of the installation’s operating parameters: produced capacity status reports, shut down air-conditioning cabinets, calculated load rates, optimized the hydro-cooling system and regulation parameters, etc.
  • Facility analysis and recommendations for improving service continuity and attaining Tier 3+

Client benefits

  • Greater reliability of the site, which has now reached Tier 3+ with minimal investment (in-house costs only)
  • Energy savings: PUE reduced from 2.3 to 1.6
  • Savings of more than €80,000, which equates to a 30% reduction in the total power bill and a 55% reduction in power costs related to cooling
  • Implementation of a system for tracking long-term energy consumption
  • ROI in less than 6 months

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