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Published on 22 April 2024 In this section Expert in data centers

APL signs the Parental Challenge charter

We are proud to have joined the Parental Challenge, an initiative created in December 2021 to promote equality and work/life balance within businesses.

Our signature of the Parental Challenge charter highlights our dedication to implementing innovative practices to:

  • Support parents and future parents in their careers, ensuring equal opportunities for all;
  • Ensure a good balance between work and family life;
  • Create a healthy working environment that helps employees to thrive, crucial for wellbeing and productivity.

This initiative is a new demonstration of our inclusive and caring company culture. Some examples of measures we have taken as part of the Parental Challenge:

  • Support with all types of child care through CESU vouchers that can be used to pay child care suppliers
  • An additional ten days of parental leave per year in the event that a child is seriously ill
  • An additional five days of fully paid leave in the event of a miscarriage

“I am delighted that APL Data Center has implemented the Parental Challenge. This commitment is vitally important because it shows we understand that work/life balance is crucial to the wellbeing of our staff. By actively supporting our staff in their role as parents, we are affirming that parenthood should not be seen as an obstacle to career progression. On the contrary, we firmly believe that supporting them in their family responsibilities enriches their experience and their skills while also fostering a more united and inclusive team dynamic. Our signature of the Parental Challenge charter reflects our dedication to creating an environment where everyone has the chance to succeed and to thrive, without having to sacrifice important elements of their personal life,” said Romain Molliex, HR Director at APL.

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