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Published on 02 February 2023 In this section Data center energy consumption optimization, Digital sustainability

Launch of the CUBE Datacenter competition to promote green IT

APL, Crédit Agricole, Data4, EDF and Schneider Electric are launching CUBE Datacenter, the first French national competition for energy savings in the digital sector, with the support of France Datacenter and Gimélec. Supported by A4MT, this competition is a fun, innovative and collaborative tool for accelerating energy efficiency in data centers. It enables operators of data centers and computer rooms to accurately measure the energy performance of their sites, compare themselves and share the solutions they have implemented to achieve energy savings.

An innovative, fun and collective approach to accelerate digital sobriety

The CUBE competition is based on the principle of achieving maximum energy savings for one year, without making major investments, and therefore only by improving facility management and mobilizing stakeholders. It has been running in the building sector since 2013, and has demonstrated how energy savings averaging 12% are possible on over 1,600 buildings.

Since its creation, the competition has been extended to other sectors (services, schools, car fleets, etc.) and regions. CUBE Datacenter transposes the approach and mechanics of the challenge to the digital sector. It is open to all stakeholders, private or public, operating data centers or computer rooms (DSCs, hosting providers, colocation operators, etc.).

Measuring actual energy performance and sharing best practices

More than just a challenge, the CUBE competition is an innovative tool for mobilizing industry players around the theme of energy efficiency as part of a collective approach.

Its central objective is to measure and monitor the actual energy performance of facilities. The challenge also aims to highlight and identify exemplary energy-saving initiatives, and to disseminate best practices. Every month, the candidates who can demonstrate the greatest energy savings are invited to share their technical and organizational solutions with the other participants.

The tools, methods and results of the competition will be disseminated internationally to inspire regulatory frameworks by drawing on the best energy efficiency practices seen in the field.

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