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Published on 27 May 2021 In this section Expert in data centers

In 2020, APL Data Center achieved sales of 37.5 million Euros, up by 38% on 2019

APL Data Center, a consultancy and engineering firm which specializes in design and production of data centers, has revealed very satisfactory results for tax year 2020, ended 31 December 2020, with revenue of 37.5 million Euros. The operating result is 1.9 million Euros. In 2021 the company expects to make revenue of 46 million Euros and to recruit more than 35 new employees.

Constant growth throughout 2020, supported by strategic investments

This large increase of revenue can be explained by the vitality of the data centers market, despite this unprecedented crisis, and by strategic investments:

  • A 65% increase of the number employees, with 100 at 31 December 2020;
  • Growth of activities internationally, in particular in Switzerland (creation of a subsidiary in Lausanne) and in Africa;
  • Purchase of the AKF group, which has enabled APL to improve its intervention capacity, particularly in Africa, and to add to its portfolio of solutions, with competences in raised floors and on-site actions.

APL now delivers nearly 660 services per year. In 2020 26% of our revenue came from public contracts, and 74% from private companies.

In addition, to anchor its sustainable development and performance initiatives, the APL Data Center teams have worked on creating an integrated management system, which led to ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications being obtained at the start of 2021.

“2020 has shown us that our sector can no longer turn a blind eye to its environmental impact. In 2021 we shall improve our Organic Design mission, which has already borne fruit: designing responsible data centers, which reconcile very high levels of continuity of service and security with low environmental impact”, says Robert Bouchard, chairman of APL Data Center.


2021: forecast revenue of 46 million Euros, and recruitment of 35 employees

In 2021 APL Data Center has set itself a goal of achieving revenue of 46 million Euros. “The prospects over the next three to five years are very promising. The market is dynamic. It is being driven forward by 5G, Edge Computing, the growth of colocation providers, modernization of IT infrastructures in the public sector, and growing demand from local regional data centers”, explains Christophe Weiss, managing director of APL Data Center.

APL will also recruit more than 35 new employees this year (in Paris, Lyon and Marseille), and is improving its human resources management policy, with measures to support the professional development of its employees. The roles to be recruited include project directors and managers, project engineers and also design engineers, with, in particular, competences in energy efficiency and the environment.

“We are seeking employees who will be able to assist and advise our clients at all phases of their projects, to guarantee performance of their digital infrastructures with increasingly complex and innovative systems, whilst incorporating the constraints demanded for sustainable development.”, concludes Tristan Richard, operations director of APL Data Center.

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