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APL assists the Pichet Group with setting up a new modular computer room

Customer name :Groupe Pichet
Area of business :Real estate
Accompanying mode :Project Management Assistance (setting up) - Turnkey (maintenance)
Type of service :Setting up, leasing and maintaining an off-site modular computer room

A major player in French real estate (with 25 years of experience and 800 employees), the Pichet Group needed to upgrade its computer room in order to maintain high levels of security and service continuity. The company commissioned APL to help coordinate the project from A to Z, from selecting a solution up to the acceptance phase.

Project objective

  • Audit existing systems and compare potential solutions, which include refurbishing an existing facility or setting up a modular data center (purchased or leased)
  • Assist with selecting companies in light of the site environment, infrastructures, and existing systems, as well as anticipated upgrades
  • Assist in-house personnel with implementing the solution chosen

Services provided

  • Pre-project assistance: expression of needs, technical and economic evaluation of the two solutions under consideration, assistance with selecting companies
  • Project assistance: project supervision, assistance with the design, construction, and acceptance phases
  • A contract that provides for maintenance of the modular computer room by APL’s operations personnel

Client benefits

  • A new, off-site modular computer room that meets all requirements for short- and medium-term security and service continuity levels
  • Assistance, monitoring, and general coordination of the project by APL until its completion

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