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APL boosts the Installux Group's IT production

Customer name :Installux
Area of business :Manufacturing
Accompanying mode :Turnkey project
Type of service :Reinforcement of IT production with upgrades to an existing room and the addition of a second, Tier-3 room

Installux—a specialist in designing and distributing aluminum profiles and accessories for use during the light work phase of construction—asked APL to study and implement technical solutions to reinforce its IT production, increase hosting capacity, and ensure continuity of service in the event of an incident (by developing a DRP).

Project objective

Reinforce IT production by:

  • Creating a new, Tier-III level computer room
  • Upgrading the electrical and climate control infrastructures of an existing, Tier-II level room
  • Networking both rooms, with real-time replication, in order to ensure continuity of service in the event of an incident

Services provided

  • Determination of capacity and service continuity requirements
  • Recommendations for technical solutions, costing, and scheduling of operations (all trades covered)
  • Creation of a new computer room that meets the Tier III standard
  • Qualitative, quantitative, and technical testing and inspection of work and equipment
  • Assistance with relocating the existing room to the new one and activating service equipment
  • Assistance provided to IT personnel at Installux, to help familiarize them with the new room

Client benefits

  • More reliable IT production: two state of the art computer rooms, interconnected via a fiber optic network
  • Guaranteed continuity of service: both rooms operate in synchronous mode, with real-time replication
  • A turn-key project: facilities covered by a comprehensive, one-year warranty
  • A new, esthetically appealing computer room that Installux can show off to customers

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