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APL creates two modular computer rooms for the city of Lausanne

Customer name :City of Lausanne
Area of business :Public sector
Accompanying mode :Auditing & Consulting - Project management assistance
Type of service :Construction of new computer rooms - Energy optimization - Service continuity improvements

The city of Lausanne wanted to improve the security, service continuity, and overall energy efficiency of its computer rooms. The Swiss city turned to APL to determine its needs and manage the project, which sought to build two new modular computer rooms: one main room and one backup room (for disaster recovery).

Project objective

  • Replace obsolete computer rooms with modern and energy-efficient computer rooms
  • Improve continuity of service by setting up a main room and a disaster recovery room located a dozen miles away

Services provided

  • Auditing of existing systems and expression of needs
  • Formalization of specifications, assistance with selecting companies and drafting/executing contracts
  • Works monitoring and management
  • Testing and acceptance

Client benefits

  • A box-in-a-box design for the main computer room, and a container design for the backup computer room (located outside)
  • Monitoring and general coordination of the project by APL until its completion
  • A high level of energy efficiency for any load rate or time of year, with technical innovations: a free-chilling system for the main room that draws on Lake Geneva (PUE: 1.2), and an indirect free-cooling system for the disaster recovery room (PUE: 1.4)

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